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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sukhairan's Presentation

Just wted 2 comment a lil' on Sukhairan's presentat'n. *Btw guys, I do hope u cn read my short-hand. Do let me noe whn it becms a chore readin' my postin's yeah? Anyway, here goes my thoughts...

*S = Sukhairan

First & foremost, gotta sae tt I'd learnt quite a bit fr. S's presentat'n yesterdae. Juz a few things still floatin' in my mind...

1. As commented by K, S turned clapping & banging hands on table 'a work of art'. Hmm...
agreeable. However, K also mentioned tt it might juz turn out 2 b continuous clappin' &
banging of tables if it ain't effective..possible. Wted 2 pt out smthin' else > Guez these
act'ns r only workable whn both clappin's & bangin's r loud.

So this leads 2 another concern > Besides e +ve effects, it wld b apt 2 think abt hw it
affects students whn such act'ns r carried out.

True tt these gestures ll instill shock & fear in students leadin' 2 e discontinuat'n of e -ve
behavior. However, it is highly likely tt if these act'ns doesn't go dwn well w sm students,
these act'ns ll b tken personally and *sigh* once agn becms another possible power struggle ./.
teacher & students.

Yes....agree tt it does personally ll access e situat'n b4 usin' any claps & bangs in

2. Regardin' my efforts in retortin' S & tryin' my best 2 trample on his ego durin' e presentat'n.
*Sorry Sukhairan...didn't do it on purpose. The idea juz popped up in my mind & I executed e
idea rite there n thn.

In case you guys didn't know...such incidents do happen even in good schs. I noe e likelihood
of such cases happenin' in neighbourhood schs is so high tt it's prob. tken 2 b e norm. Used 2 b
fr. scgs n of coz...whn e rankin' system was still in use, it was e top 10 sec. sch...esp. whn it's
an all-girls sch...what cld possibly go wrong? WRONG. Everythin' & anythin's possible.
The very incident tt happened 2 S happened in one of e top ten all-girls sch.

Perhaps we shldn't stereotype schs. Guez all humans detest or even fear uncertainties so
there's this need 2 have prior knowledge of e unknown. By stereotyping, we're seekin' comfort
by mking assumpt'ns based on past experiences. Am nt saying it's wrong 2 seek
surety. However, wted 2 point out tt as teachers...especially in our current system & tryin' 2
deal w students's prob. better bein' versatile. It doesn't really matter 2 me
whether I do get in2 a 'gd/bad' sch. I juz pray tt I'll b able 2 handle all e situat'ns tt's gonna b
literally thrown 'in my face'. *shuts eyes & crosses fingers*

Honestly speaking...if I'd bn in S's shoes...I'd fell flat on my face & juz died. My self-esteem
wld prob. 've vanished fr. e face-of-e-earth while my hands r desperately tryin' 2 dig a hole
in e grd 4 my head 2 find a hiding plc. An Ostrich wld b a most apt. descript'n of myself 'd I bn
subjected 2 such humiliat'n. But in re-enactin' tt was a wake-up call 2 myself as
well. As e sayin' man's meat is another man's poison. In my was 'my meat'
as e words were spewed out of my mouth but 'my poison' on realisat'n tt I cld b in S's shoes.
We cnt tke it personally....we juz cnt otherwise all our well-intented act'ns r deemed useless.

I think I'll haf no choice bt 2 b mre thick-skinned. *wince* easier said thn done...

3. Okay...last thing I wanted 2 add in here. We haf bn dealin' w teaching methodologies yeah?
Was wonderin' what else cn we do 2 mke geog mre interestin' 4 our students. Yes...S's
used e right methodology for his lesson...usin' inputs fr. students & creatin' a lesson out of
e inputs given by thm. He also encouraged his students through a step-by-step logical
thinking process in his teaching.

It was all gd until I started thinking what if students aren't cooperative? You throw e ball
in2 their court & they simply throw it bk in ur face. Worse still....they cnt b bothered w
even pickin' e ball up. This cld lead 2 a lesson draggin' on w/o much constructive discuss'n.
Cn e lesson go on thn?

Sheesh....brain's nt workin'....I need rest! But b4 tt, ll 've 2 finish my PED 514 group discuss'n essay. Shall ponder upon what has bn written above. You guyz feel free 2 add any comments yeah? Niteyz.


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